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The Briars Best Spa Membership

The best value for our regular spa visitorsthe Briars Resort spa on the lake

Our clients have been telling us that they are looking for the best price possible on their massage services and we have been listening. We feel that if you are willing to commit to us, well then we should find the way to commit the best price for you!

Our normal menu price to the Public for our 60 minute massage is $111 + HST...but you’ve asked us to do better!

Introducing the Briars Best Spa Membership!

When you agree in writing to have at least one 60-minute spa massage a month for the next 12 months, you will become a member of the Briars Best Spa Membership and will receive the following member benefits:

  • Special member pricing is only $79 plus applicable taxes for a full 60 min massage with a Registered Massage Therapist, any Monday through Friday, and Sundays between 1 pm and 6 pm

  • You only pay for your massage on the day you receive it (or on the last day of the month if you have not taken your massage that month) and if you’re too busy in any given month, we just carry the massage over for you to the next month, so you never lose out!

  • You and your family (same principle residence) are allowed to have as many extra 60-minute massages as you and your family like, for the same Briars Best Spa Membership price of only $79 plus applicable taxes

  • You receive official receipts for all insurance claims

  • You have complimentary access to our hydrotherapy area on the day of your massage (including sauna, whirlpool, and indoor pool)

  • You will be provided with a robe, sandals and a locker

  • Enjoy fresh water, fruit, and tea in our waiting room

  • There are NO Administrative start up fees and NO Annual Membership Dues

We commit to you the very best price for your massage treatments when you commit to the Briars Spa for only one hour of relaxation every month.

Enjoy the Briars Best Spa Membership and contact us today to learn how you can sign up to become a member by calling 1-800-465-2376.