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Preparing for Your Visit

  1. Present yourself without jewellery or luggage 15 minutes prior to your service.

  2. Upon arrival, you will fill out a confidential history form. This allows our spa therapists to be aware of any medical conditions that may affect your treatment.

  3. All guests under 18 must have the health form we provide signed by their parent or guardian and the minimum age for spa guests is 12 years of age accompanied by their guardian

  4. We provide a robe, slippers, towels showers and toiletries.

  5. To encourage complete relaxation for yourself and others, please turn off all cellular phones.

  6. The Briars Spa is not responsible for lost items so we suggest you leave valuables at home or in a Briars Spa locker.

  7. We do not provide childcare services in the spa and parents with young children are encouraged to find appropriate care for their loved ones during treatment time.

  8. We accept children from 8 years of age and older for manicures and pedicures.


Contact Us



55 Hedge Road

Jackson's Point, ON, L0E 1L0

2nd Floor (Elevator Level 'A')

Opening Hours

Mon - Sun: 10am - 6pm


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