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Elevate your golf game · A brand new experience

Indoor Golf

We know you love our golf course:

How about being able to practice your swing and play any time of the day for any day of the year?

It's time to elevate your golf game to new heights with our state-of-the-art indoor golfing experience


What is Indoor Golf?

Indoor golf refers to a golfing experience that takes place in an enclosed, controlled environment paired with a launch monitor and protective flooring. The advanced technology of launch monitors allows for precise tracking and analysis of each shot, enhancing users' overall golfing experience.


This concept gained popularity by providing golf enthusiasts with the opportunity to enjoy the sport year-round, regardless of weather conditions. It also serves as the perfect practice range for beginners who want to experience different terrains with maximized privacy.


It is the perfect space for golfers to unleash their potential, rain or shine.

How Does It Work?

We have partnered up with ProsMat Indoor Golf and set up the perfect space with their state-of-the-art launch monitor technology and injury-preventing flooring system.

Simply bring your own clubs and swing away under the launch monitor towards the course or range of your choice on the simulator.


What Can I Play?

Whether you're a seasoned pro or a beginner, tee up in style, play safe, and take your golfing journey to the next level with the course or green of your choice:

The ProsMat Golf simulator offers 30 courses, 5 driving ranges, over 20 chip & putt areas, and games such as Closest to the Pin and Long Drive for players to choose from.


Virtual Golf Association™ (VGA) tournaments are also offered for players to test their skills with other golfers virtually.

Location & Bookings

Our indoor golf room is located in our basement level's recreation area, adjacent to our games room.

To book your tee time:

After your booking is complete, you will receive an access code from ProsMat Golf to enter the private bay and start swinging away!


Pricing & Memberships

Access to our private bay is priced hourly


Up to 4 players per bay

Membership Pricing


discounted hourly rate


Unlimited Swings

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